This League is not meant for ordinary students, only the best can compete. We advise student to prepare well before starting a league campaign.

At the league, UTME and Post-UTME students compete for trophies, rankings, badges, rewards and for the fun of it. All UTME and Post-UTME students are welcome, but be warn, only the toughest can avoid relegation or top League tables and compete in highly rewarding Championships Games.

Difference between Magbodo Starter & League

When you first sign up with us you are qualify to play at Magbodo Starter level. At this level your test performance and results will determine your ranking relative to other students. This level is a good place to build points and test your capacity before promoting to Magbodo League.

Magbodo League is centre around a Reward-Game-System that fosters competition, collaboration, communication and stimulate creativity. Students compete for Trophies, Badges and Ranking

League Division

The league games runs for a month where the top student will promote to the next level in the League at the end of the month. Bottom players will be relegated to a lower league. Magbodo League have level the following League levels Amateur, Super Rookie, Effico and Prof.

Student can only take 4 exams that have four tests in a month. At the end of each month exams count is reset to zero. Note, only 4 league exams can be taken per month but you also have access to unlimited non-league test with our go-solo, feature per month

Magbodo Amateur League

This is the entry level to Magbodo Social-Academy League Games, at this level you can participate in various highly competitive, reward driven test in an unobtrusive learning environment. To promote to Magbodo League from Magbodo Starter you must have taken two exams and have an average points of 100 before the 'Move to League' button will appear.

If you qualify after taking two exams click 'Move to League' to enjoy pure academic games where you compete for Fun, Glory and Improve Academic Performance.

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Magbodo Super Rookie League

If you are able to make it to this level, Mama will be really proud of you. At this level the capacity to deal with your opponent is activated with the Trade Window feature which allow you to trade your points for gadgets like 50-50, Question Changer and 'Time Pauser'.

Magbodo Effico League

More league features are activated at this level to make you more competitive. We also call this level Day dreamer. Features like Solo-Combo that allows you to collaborate with your friends to take an exam where each friend take a test. Mama also activated Donor league feature where you can give friends point to buy gadgets at Trade Window

Magbodo Prof. League

These are the highly favour students, Mama is very generous to these academic distinguishing student. The features can only be experience and not explained. You will extremely impress Mama is if you can make it to this level

Check out Professional League Badges

You can add different kinds of badges to your collections and show your friends how good you have become. Winning Badges makes Mama Proud and she will bestow you with blessing and gifts that will further stands you out

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League Points

The total mark for each exam is 200 and pass mark is 100 which implies a draw, anything lower than 100 is a lose while marks above 110 is a win. These rules are different across League levels.

Win [ W ] => 10 points

Draw [ D ] => 4 points

Lose [ L ] => 0 points