ALOC Brag Arena

What stuff are you made of, Paper or Diamond? Play a test to earn your Bragging Rights today.

Arena Game Story

Mama the supreme leader of ALOC Island host a monthly Brag Arena competition where cadets can show case their intellectual acumen and persistent as they compete to enter the prestigious Diamond Class. At the end of the month Mama rewards Cadets that make it to Diamond Class

Friend turn against friends to prove how they have advance in learning in the arena.

How Arena Works

Every cadet enters from the bottom stage Paper Class. You challenge other Cadets to amass points. If you win a brag-right challenge you earn 10 points while a loss will lead to 2 points deduction. Keep playing against other players to reach a guarantee Bronze class. Any cadet in guarantee bronze stage can not drop to a lower class like Wood Class. This implies that a Diamond Class member can not drop in classes beyond Bronze Class

Arena Classes

Below are the list of classes and points needed to attain such status

Diamond Class 210 above
Gold Class 150 points
Sliver Class 80 points
Bronze Class 60 points
Iron Class 40 points
Wood Class 20 points
Paper Class 0 point

How to play