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 [Mekas]  ...

 [Benyahweh]  Just testing out

 [Olaako]  Pls I want to upload my profile picture, but It didn't upload.

 [Tycoon]  Hello

 [Adaeze]  How do I change d realm from English?

 [Ademide]  Hi

 [Kayode]  Mama, i want to take another test in challenge mode but its not going through

 [Kayode]  Have attained iron class in brag arena yet i am not able to unlock it.........please help

 [Erons]  I haven't see any reward?

 [Ukomercy]  The flourishing fish market in the novel is located in ..A)St.Louis .B)Canary Island.C)Cleveland.D)Havana... Pls who knows the answer to this..?

 [Emma368]  I haven't seen mine yet

 [Emymekas]  I haven't seen my reward for prediction

 [Khabiraht]  Hello watsup

 [Joshuaglo]  Why is the opposite of vandalise be unrepair

 [Balolo]  Helo