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 [Arz03]  Neva giv up @ magbodo

 [Elijahrona]  Coolest site

 [Arz03]  Coded tinx on point

 [Emmanex]  Magbodo;interesting way to learn

 [Chinco]  Some of the answers are incorrect jawe....#angry#

 [Mama]  Hi everyone! We would like to inform you that Hero to Zero Challenge has been postponed till 2016. Our team needs to know what kind of app would you prefer for magbodo.com. Reply this post by typing Hello Java or Hello Android .
Santa Claus brought gifts <...

 [Lukwhize]  Talk to me...

 [Faithy123]  Pls the question is too forward I am in jss3 what can I do I can't answer sss question

 [Tohmeeseen]  Pls,Who is MAMA

 [Kenneth]  Pls is this place somehw boring?why

 [Esthlina]  XUP GUYS

 [Ashely]  Whats up

 [Paulexxy]  Talk we Listen...

 [Vibuzz]  Wats up

 [Preciouz]  Yeah