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 [Davido]  My reward

 [Davison]  I have not seen my reward for pre diction

 [Davido]  Why can't i enter challenge mode

 [Emymekas]  I haven't seen my reward

 [Emymekas]  300+ points,fear me

 [Xlatan]  I was second o last nite and i havent got my reward

 [Davido]  Mama is rewarding how many people

 [Emymekas]  Wazkiddo,challenge me pls.

 [Xlatan]  Pls how do d winners get their prices and after the prices have been given will our scores be remove for us to start afresh

 [Olalekan]  Hw cn i calculate a maths ? in 48sec?

 [Icee]  Am going to win dis

 [Emymekas]  No reward?

 [Emymekas]  No reward?

 [Emymekas]  You guys should give me my reward

 [Hope]  Challenge me if you can boy