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 [Grateful]  Hv u increased d number of winners to 5 or 6 ir even 10 cos 2moro na Xmas,as part of ur Xmas package

 [Ifeanyi]  I lov dis website even though a starter

 [Ifeanyi]  Pls hw do i change my subjects

 [Ifeanyi]  Magbodo shud hv an app to download,,chat nd answer questions

 [Ifeanyi]  Im jst new here every bdy shud welcom me

 [Collins]  Hello everybody... Tag me in the arena when u r on line.

 [Teejahneey]  Thank u guys...av seen the card,really appreciate u guys,kuddoz!

 [Grateful]  Pls,I won last week bt u gave me etisalat instead of MTN I hvnt used it

 [Teejahneey]  Am still waiting for my reward o

 [Teejahneey]  I was the first on solo table on saturday...pls when will i get my card?

 [Chinedu]  No one can beat me in government, if u can then challenge me

 [Mama]  If an electric train is going 150 miles per hour north and the wind is blowing the same south, which way does the smoke blow?

 [Scott]  No one can beat me on english, if you dare challenge me

 [Grateful]  Pls,Bible says blessed re d meek for they shall inherit d earth bt u changed it 2 d shall b exalted, y?

 [Chiboy]  Hy