Are you left with any questions? If so, let us know and we will answer them. Direct your questions to Here are some frequently asked:

How can I take a test?

You need to create an account before you can take a test, if you need help on creating an account click here. When you have created your account go to Main menu and click start. After you have successfully created an exam go to your dashboard and click on Take Test to launch a test.

How to Play

How many test can I take?

Hey! That is the beauty of this platform. You have free unlimited access to questions and the number of test you can take.

How can I invite my Friends?

Tell your friends to sign up on our home page by clicking the play button. It is 100% free

What is the Different between Magbodo Starter & League?

When you first sign up with us you are qualify to play at Magbodo Starter level. At this level your test performance and results will determine your ranking relative to other students.

Magbodo League is centre around gaming competitions among users. Students compete for Trophies, Badges, Ranking and cash reward. Magbodo League is closed for maintenance.

Is Magbodo & ALOC the same?

Nope! ALOC is the acronym for Academic League of Champions. A virtual world where students defend learning realms and compete with other students to win Badges, Trophies and cash rewards.

Magbodo is a Yourba dialect that translate as "Don't get Zeros". Magbodo is the mother platform while ALOC is a child product.

How does ALOC Measures my Academic Performance?

We have a feature called Result Trends that gives a graphical record of all your academic performance on the platform. This feature is only available for Magbodo League Account. It can be found on the 'Exam' link on the top Navigation.

Our ranking system is carefully crafted to give a measured academic performance relative to other students

How do I participate in Magbodo League Games?

All you need to do is create an account with us which qualifies you to take test in Magbodo Starter account. Take two exams and if you score an average of 90 points, the move to 'League button' will appear on your dashboard.

Magbodo League is closed for now Learn more about Magbodo League.

Where can I find Magbodo?





Who owns Magbodo?

Magbodo League is created and owned by Magbodo Solution Services (MaSS), all right reserved. Contact us at and

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