[Ranks of ALOC Island Defenders ] read Game Story

  Star Lord

A star Lord is the highest rank ALOC Knight , because of their special skills they are drafted into the Royal guard


Lords are in charge of gathering Intelligent information about the Outlaws and are in command of 50 Explorers and 2 Star Explorers Knight

  Star Explorer

These are captains of the ALOC defenders. They coordinate the attack on the field in their quest to fulfill the Mama's Mission. 100 Cadets are assign to a Star Explorer to lead


Explorer are specialized Academic soldiers. They are also the keepers of record of the Lord exploration in Doom Republic.


These are the ALOC Island foot solider. This is the entry level of every Knight.

How to change your Rank

You can aspire to attain any title by being consistent in defending ALOC Island a land of all learning and wisdom. Increase or decrease in your CBT score affect your title.

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