Just four simple steps

Step 1: Sign Up with ALOC

The first step is to sign up with either facebook, google or email account by clicking button below or go to www.aloc.ng/signup.

Sign Up

Step 2: Log In to your Account

The next easy step is to Log In into your account just like any other site and access all our resources. You can Log In on this page www.aloc.ng/login. or click button below

Log In

Step 3: Select Game Mode

After you login to www.aloc.ng it takes you to Welcome page. On the welcome page select any Game Mode (Solo, Sage or Challenge) that appeals to you .

Step 4: Click Start

The final step is to click 'Start' on the Main Menu list. Follow the story and you are good to go.

Take more tests and watch your performance grows on the ranking table.

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