Step 1: Tag a Friend

You challenge a Cadet by Tagging a friend on the Brag-menu. After tagging a friend click play

Step 2: Play Against Friend

On Brag-menu click Start to play against a Cadet that you challenged or tagged for brag-rite.

Step 3: Wait for Opponent

After taking your test you have to wait for the other Cadet to response to your challenge by also playing against you.

Step 4: Check final Result

On Brag-menu you can check the status of your final result by clicking on Brag Result. Please note until your opponent complete the brag challenge before the final result will be available

Step 5: Win or Lose

When both players (you and opponent) have completed the challenge you either win to gain 10 points or lose to get 2 points deduction. To know the brag arena class you belong to click here

Step 6: You were Tagged

Sometimes you may be challenged by other Cadets to a duet. You can check if you were challenged or tagged by going to Brag-menu and click on You were Tagged

Play 4 Glory

Enter the ALOC Brag Arena and you stand a chance to be Inducted into the Prestigious Diamond class of intellectual whiz