Magbodo (in Yoruba dialect translates as “Don’t get Zeros”) is a free interactive on-line Computer Based Test (CBT) game platform that allows students to play games with their books.
All we passionately do, is to make your practice fun-filled and easy in a “Reward-Gaming-System.” is the platform while ALOC is the game

Getting Started with ALOC

You are just four simple steps from taking UTME and POST-UTME Computer Base Test (CBT) on our game platform. All that is required for these steps is either a facebook or google+ or email account.

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Getting Started

Welcome to ALOC Island?

Academic League of Champions (ALOC) Island is the land of human knowledge. The island is constantly invaded by Outlaws, that seek to thwart human knowledge and promote ignorance. Your job as an ALOC Cadet is to prove your academic swag and stop the outlaws.

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ALOC Game Mode

ALOC have three major Game Mode: Solo Mode, Sage Mode and Challenge Mode. The test is carefully designed in an entertaining way to make you more competitive as you prepare for exams.

  Explore different Realms of Learning and Restore order [Strengthen your Knowledge]

  Battle in Realms against Dark-laws and avoid been Trapped [Expand your Knowledge with four test]

  Use Strange Knowledge to Restore Invaded Learning Realms [Test your Social-Academic Skills]

Our student testimony is that this platform makes learning fun-fill, competitive and ultimately improve academic performance.

Getting Started

Why Magbodo Blog?

We are deeply concern about our students' welfare outside academics. Driven by this thought, we created a blog they can relate with like a friend, encouraging our students to read, learn, challenge their mind and stay entertained.

Magbodo Blog


M-Chat is where users can comment on how they feel about this Academic Game Platform and post any questions bordering their mind. Some creative students takes if further by dropping Academic questions/task that they find challenging and seek the help of the community in resolving it.



Are you left with any questions? If so, let us know and we will answer them. Direct your questions to Here are some frequently asked:



Get the latest gaming news on ALOC here. News concerning the new interesting gaming features and tips on how to improve your academic performance. M-News is open to members and non-members to comment on events on the platform.


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Magbodo is born out of the burning desire to make learning more effective, interesting and fun-filled for young learners. We are interested in making educational experience for young people easy and fun filled.

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