WINNERS FOR WEEK 7: Emmanuel1 (110 points), Anthony(74 points) and Tobiloba (64 points) are top players for Solo Game Mode; while Tobiloba is the top player for Sage Game Mode CONGRATULATION GUYS!!!

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 <strong>Testing ALOC <em>pro</em></strong><br> Know your status on how trendy you are on news and events happening around you. On ALOC pro you can only be a Mumu, Zombie , Current or Trendy. Login to your account and above the game story click on the link <a>switch to pro</a> to know your memory status.

 Finally, our long awaited blog is out. The blog seek to tackle student life outside academics in an entertaining way. <a href="//www.magbodo.com/blog" target="_blank">Check Magbodo Blog Now!!!</a> We take the <strong>fun beyond just books</strong>

 We hereby announce the release of Magbodo Academic Games 1.2 today, 1st April 2015. New features like <strong>Challenge Mode</strong> that mix academic questions with sport, entertainment, fashion and general knowledge are now available. A more robust story line have also been introduced. <br><strong>The fun just begin!</strong>

 Winners for week 5: Heyhstharh with 42.4% (Solo Mode), Hassan with 36:4% (Sage Mode) . Kudos!

 Winner for week 4 are: Adalovely with 65.2% (Solo Mode) and Harjardee with 56.5% (Sage Mode). The must consistent player Anselm-we appreciate you.

 We are pleased to announce Week 3 Winners for <strong>Solo Game Mode: Mbagwu and Ayomide</strong>. Check our facebook page for more details <a href="//www.facebook.com/magbaodo" target="_blank">www.facebook.com/magbaodo</a><br>

 <strong>Discovery reveals that there are three necessary ingredients to come out in flying colors during UTME.</strong> <br> 1)Mental Onions : 'Know thy Onions!' A well rounded understanding of relevant materials, achieved by studying hard, attending UTME tutorial classes and practicing CBT at www.magbodo.com <br> 2)Spiritual Spice : Pray to your God for the flavoured favour, the G-factor is key! <br> 3)Psychological Salt [state of the mind] : Don't lose your saltiness to anxiety, fear...what you think is what you will become. <a href="//www.facebook.com/magbaodo" target="_blank">see more...www.facebook.com/magbaodo</a><br>

 All UTME and SS 2-3 students participating in this weekly on-line Academic Games should log on to www.magbodo.com, to edit their profile [enter your PHONE NUMBERS]. Your phone number will be use to redeem your prize if your result is outstanding at the end of the week.

 We are pleased to announce the winner for our on-line Academic games that was held between Sunday 22nd to 28th February 2015. Solo Game mode winner is: Gladiator with a ranking of 50.1%.

 We celebrate the Player with High number of Plays in the SOLO GAME MODE: Zhakeer. Congratulations Dear!

 We now unveil the logo for Sage Mode. Sage Game Mode allow students to register and take an exam [four tests] and get ranked. To access this feature click on <b>Main menu</b> on your dashboard.<br> <img src="asset/images/sagamode.png">

 This week high score will be announce by Sunday 1st March 2015. Credit card reward will be given to top winners as from this week. You can beat the high score.. Keep studying hard and come to www.magbodo.com to get rewarded for your little effort that bring about the better you.<br> <img src="asset/images/score.png">

 We would like to celebrate the Top Player of the SAGE GAME MODE: Ayomide with the High score of Forty Seven (47), which was from Sunday,15th of February to Saturday, 21st of February. Congratulations Dear! <img src="asset/images/sagahigh1.png">

 We would like to celebrate the Player with High number of Plays in the SOLO GAME MODE: Phateemah. Congratulations Dear! We appreciate your consistency and effort to improve. These growth mindset will lead you to greater height<br> <img src="asset/images/solobest1.png">