We congratulate our last week SOLO GAME MODE high score, Herbohyhi with a ranking of 60.1 <img src="asset/images/solohigh1.png">

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 Herbohyhi, ranked 60.1% out of 100 points still the highest ranked student for this week. Can you beat that score?

 Academic League of Champions [ALOC] season 1.0 begins this Sunday 22nd February 2015, there are gifts to be won for high performing students. At the end of each week of this season, winners will be rewarded and table ranking will be reset. Spread the news...

 The Academic Game is getting hotter. Solo Mode new High score Herbohyhi, Ranked 60.1% out of 100 points. He just out do former high score user 'LEARNER' by just 1 point. Can you beat that score.

 Solo Mode Update: Ayomide Ranked 58% out of 100% is our Top Score for Solo Mode. He had played 4 games, 1 win, 1 draw and 2 lose <img src="asset/images/solomode.png" width="100">

 Here are the new features on Magbodo: Game Mode [Solo Mode and Sage Mode]. Solo Mode allows you to take a Test and get Ranked, why Sage Mode allows you to take four Test and get Ranked

 We are currently undergoing product test and studying customer experience, feel free to drop your comment: We are listening!!!

 Magbodo have been upgraded to improve the user Gaming experience. Features like Message board icons, M-News and Comment-Z have been added. What do you think of these new features?