Welcome to ALOC Island?

Academic League of Champions (ALOC) Island is the land of human knowledge. The island is constantly invaded by Outlaws, that seek to thwart human knowledge and promote ignorance. Your job as an ALOC Cadet is to prove your academic swag and stop the outlaws.

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What is Solo Realm?

Solo realm also called Solo Exploration is a journey into the to divers Realms of Wisdom & Learning on ALOC Island. Every academic cadet have must play it role to secure learning realms from the Outlaws

Mission: As a Cadet you are to restore balance back into a chosen realm, capture an outlaw.
Warning: The outlaw has placed tactical imbalance that can toppled your knowledge.

How it Works

Take a test and score above average to get 10 points, average mark earns you 4 points and below average mark get 2 points. The students with the highest points claims the prize for the week.

Solo realm Titles?

The realm is rich with a lot of titles you can claim as you play. We have 5 titles you can claim in this game mode

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The Rules of Engagement

  1. 30 games limit per week
  2. Maximum of 10 games per subject per week
  3. Attain Explorer rank to unlock next level (Brag Arena)
  4. Defeat outlaws with witty performance to increase rank
  5. Add picture to profile & correct phone number to claim prize
  6. Top 5 get reward by weekend. Have fun as you learn...

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