Welcome to ALOC Island?

Academic League of Champions (ALOC) Island is the land of human knowledge. The island is constantly invaded by Outlaws, that seek to thwart human knowledge and promote ignorance. Your job as an ALOC Cadet is to prove your academic swag and stop the outlaws.

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Solo Prediction

To make academic practice more appealing to students we added this feature where students can predict likely winners for the week. If you predict correctly, you receive reward from Mama. Please note, this is not a betting or gambling site, so feel free to try you luck as you predict winners for the week.

The Rules of Engagement

  1. Prediction can only be made on Solo Game mode
  2. Your prediction should be base on who you think will emerge as best students for the week
  3. You can predict between Monday and Friday
  4. Only the first correct prediction will be rewarded with recharge card
  5. You can predict yourself as the winner of the week
  6. The results are display on M-news on Sunday morning
  7. To access predict & win, login to your account, on Sub-menu you will find Predict & Win link

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