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Gist: English Sentences That Sound Crazy But Are Actually Correct [04/ 07/2017 ]

English is a strange language, but nonetheless a beautiful one. Here are some crazy sentences that actually makes sense against odds.

1. I Chopped A Tree Down, And Then I Chopped It up.
[VargasVee] The marvel of verbal phrases. One look at the sentence and you can't help but wonder how that's possible. But actually to chop a tree down is to hack it down, then to chop it up means to cut it into smaller pieces.

2. All The Faith He Had Had Had Had No Effect On The Outcome Of His Life
Text this, or write it somewhere, the other person to see this would paint two pictures in their head, either you are drunk or you keyboard is messing with you. The sentence rightly points out at lexical ambiguity. The sentence relies on past perfect, the first 'had' acting as a modifier, and the other two playing different roles.

3. The Man The Professor The Student Has Studies Rome.
This strange but grammatically correct sentence makes use of centre embedding. Some clauses are replaceable in English. Each noun corresponds to a verb, the sentence means " The student has the professor who knows the man who studies ancient Rome"
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