How Ayo uses Magbodo

lives magbodo has touched

My name is Ayomide from Hortative College Akute Ogun state, a 15 years old SS3 student. Magbodo do not only help me pass exams but engages me. This is how I use

  1. When I need to improve my grade I play games on ALOC.
  2. When I need free recharge card, I top Solo table or play Advance mode
  3. Sometimes I get bored and want to chat with random friends, I use Direct Message (DM).
  4. Parents don't understand what we go through. I use M-chat to get expert advice from Team magbodo and ALOC community.
  5. When I have some important gist to share I also use M-Chat
  6. Finally, I use magbodo blog to prepare for life outside school.

"Magbodo is a site to have fun and learn; when I go through the site it makes me happy"

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